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VSU Confessions Best Of

Welcome to the first edition of VSU Confessions Best Of where I will give you the top Five Funniest, Weirdest, Grossest, or Insightfull posts of the week.


#948 So i have been dating my girlfriend not too long ago, and the down side is she has a lot of pretty friends, i mean A LOT of pretty single friends. Don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend is absolutely beautiful, but having being surrounded by single friends who demand for some baked brownie or cookie whenever they see you, i have always thought of one of them eating my cum and decided to bake with some cum….gross, but well,something’s gotta give……and hey, don’t judge me, this is a confessions page right, i’m confessing! P.S she thought the cookie was good!

#947 Got to love when a guy has more dick in their personality then they do in their pants.

#943 Hahaha my roommate pissed me off so I switched his “hand lotion” with icy hot, had to wait until 2 am a week later but dear god the screams were magical

#936 I had sex with my girlfriend in a parking lot last night. When we were done I threw the condom on someone’s car window. I felt so bad that this morning I drove over there at 5am on my way to work and took it off. What goes around cums around.

#955 Serious confession here. A lot of traditional college students don’t quite know how to relate to students who are military veterans on a social level, and to be frank, the reverse is true too. I’ve even noticed that professors can be at a loss.

I’ve been a VSU student for a pretty good while now, and I’m doing really well academically. But I’m also struggling colossally at dealing with the trauma I brought with me after my military experiences with shit overseas ended, the specific details of which aren’t relevant, nor the point of this post. I’ve tried a couple professional, licensed counselors, but around VSU it seems like their area of expertise is more aligned with 18 year old girls who just broke up with their high school sweetheart and don’t know where life goes from there.
I even had one counselor admit, “I don’t plan on doing this line of work much longer.” I think he was trying to relate to me and the change from what I used to do to where I am now, but what I got was, “I spent a long time working to become a counselor, but I’d rather deep throat a burning cactus than try to figure out your shit, fucker.”
I felt stupid being put on the couch to talk through my shit anyway. Making a few friends, even with as little life experience as we have in common, and making new memories of funny random crap, is a lot more effective to me than talking about guilt and grief to some jerk off who apparently gets paid by the hour to nod and agree with me.
I still struggle, but you guys are the best help I’ve found yet. Don’t hesitate to just say “hi” to the quiet/older looking guy/gal in the back of class now and then. You might really help someone out.


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