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VSU Confessions Best of #11

#4392 Date a bro chick, really though. The girl that’s your friend. That’s the one the one to be with. That’s the one. I know there are hotter girls but when you think about someone to spend the rest of your life with, the bro chick is the one.

#4388 Both of my friends are fighting with their girlfriends for no reason and I’m in bed with my girlfriend naked, watching Marvel Movies, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Moral of the sorry: date a bro-chick.

#4384 “I dont care what anyone says….

The best feeling in the world isnt sex, drugs, religious hysteria, etc….

Its taking a dump after being constipated for a week.”

#4383 I’m 23, and I’ve never been in love. I’ve never had sex. I know I want to give my virginity to a man I love one day, that respects and loves me too. But damn! This shit is taking longer than I thought! Hey, future first love! Hurry the hell up and sex me up, okay?!

#4377 You know you’ve found the right woman when you don’t give a shit about of other girls and porn doesn’t even do a thing for you.

Photos from the 4th of July

A suggestion for musicians and songwriters

I recently heard an interview of Jay Frank, he has written a couple books on song writing and marketing tips for musicians. Considering that he was the Senior Vice President of Music Strategy for CMT, the Vice President of Music Programming and Label Relations for Yahoo! Music, as well as a few other credits under his belt I feel that he knows his stuff. Check out his books hopefully they will help out your career in music.